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Young people aged 15-30 make up roughly 30% of Cambodia’s population, but many youth still lack the skills needed to be successful in the workplace. At JWOC, we believe that by partnering with youth and investing in their education, we can close this gap and help them fulfill their potential.

Real Impact in our Community

JWOC awards scholarships that enable gifted youth from low-income families to attend University in Siem Reap. We also give local high school students aged 15 to 18 the guidance they need to set and reach towards their future goals. A curriculum of English, Computer and Life Skills, Career Guidance, and Youth Leadership equips students with the knowledge and motivation to succeed.

Our Programs

Scholarship Program

This program covers tuition fees, textbooks, and training to develop soft skills at JWOC’s purpose-built Learning Hub. Given this opportunity, low-income students build the capacity to overcome challenges they face in reaching their goals.

Better Futures Program

Local high school students aged 15 to 18, as well as recent graduates and drop-outs receive the guidance they need to take the first step towards their career goals. After graduating from the program, students can make informed decisions about whether they pursue further education, vocational training, or work.

Resilient Youth Leadership Project

The RYL Project is unique because it is incorporated across our two main programs, University Scholarships and Better Futures. The aim of RYL is to provide youth practical skills in leadership, project management and community engagement to all our students.

Access Program

Launched in 2022, this is a collaborative effort between JWOC and the US Embassy to develop and enhance English language, personal and professional development, as well as American cultural values to our high school students.

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