How digital literacy improves employment opportunities

July 6, 2020

In our Better Futures program, JWOC has been providing recent high school graduates with English, Computer, Career guidance and life skill training. Computer skills are essential in order to utilize computers and related technology efficiently, supports them to type, write CVs, conduct research online, make presentations and ultimately, helps them to stand out in a competitive job market.Though the COVID 19 pandemic stopped JWOC from running actual class learning, we still offer students the online class which allows them to keep continuing their study with us. During online class, the students get to learn about Microsoft Office such as Ms. Word, Power point, and Excel, as well as how to do research online.

Here are some case studies outlining the positive impact of this program on our students!

Vanny is a 23-year old Monk that lives in a pagoda 10km away from JWOC. When asked about the impact of our program, he said “What I enjoy the most is Computer class because it is my favorite subject. Also, I like soft skills such as time management lessons. It can help me to manage the time effectively. During this Covid-19 pandemic, I have some problems with finance but it is not so impacted. In the future, I want to be a networker and run my own business that is related to computer skills. Since I study at JWOC, I have noted that my English and Computer ability has improved. Not just that, but also soft skills have improved too. What I have learned from JWOC can lead to achieving my goal in the future”.

Sovannouksa is a 20-year old female student enrolled on our Better Futures Program. She said: “What I enjoy the most is the warm welcome such as caring, encouragement, and providing feedback from teachers and trainers.also, the environment is really good. Due to Covid-19, my family is facing financial problems and sometimes this situation affects my study which makes me forget to do my homework or exercise. In the future, I want to be a teacher of English in high school or university because in my country it needs a lot of good teachers to support young people. To me, I believe that JWOC has supported me a lot since I became their student. When I first came here, my English and Computer were not really good however, I have noted that they are now getting better. Furthermore, JWOC built my confidence, respect and commitment  in the classroom”.

The students were happy to acquire these skills that will provide good future opportunities in employment.

Thank you to The SHARE Institute for funding JWOC’s Digital Literacy Program!


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