My name is Mao Chhoeun. I come from Kampong Svay District, Kampong Thom Province. I have been volunteering in JWOC for around four years with the Clean Water Project and Microfinance Project beginning in October, 2010. I am very happy to join with the team in Clean Water Project and Microfinance Project. The Clean Water Project is a new experience for me.

I have been learning many skills from this project, such as how to survey villagers, hygiene training and ceramic filter training. All of these skills are very good for me. The Clean Water Project is a very special project that I really enjoyed joining and I was able to improve my leadership and teamwork within our community.

I have been volunteering with the Clean Water Project for around two years and I changed from Clean Water Project to Microfinance Project. I am a loan officer. I really enjoy working with the Microfinance team. I have been learning many skills from this project such as how to complete loan applications, communication with villagers, and balancing the cash from borrowers and reporting to the Microfinance Project Manager. Part of this is working in-groups, leading and inspiring each other.

I really love all programs at JWOC. All of these programs are very important to share with our community. JWOC has made many opportunities for me, other students and people in community. JWOC is a good organization that has been creating many projects for supporting peoples and students alike. Especially, JWOC has a Scholarship Program for the students in the community that they don’t have enough money to continue their studies at university. I love the slogan of JWOC “See a problem, solve a problem”.

Being part of this community has given me more opportunity than I had in my life before, it is very different now. I got a Scholarship from JWOC; this provides me the information to get to know everything in our community. Understand Cambodian culture and US culture, working in-groups, project training and many other workshops. This program has made me a better person. I really love all the staff at JWOC they are very friendly and they make me happy every time and I really enjoy working with them.

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