On the 12thJune 2012  JWOC signed a partnership agreement with the Siem Reap office of the Cambodian Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MoEYS) to provide primary and kindergarten schools with a clean water solution. 32 in need schools were identified, totaling 13,143 students in 317 classes. The initiative will give easy access to clean, safe water for each child while they are in school.

The Partnership

For this initiative with the ministry JWOC is following its tried and tested approach that has been successful in working with partner villages. This means that contracts will be in place with both the ministry and individual schools, that the ministry will make a financial and time contribution and that there will be a strong commitment to training.

By asking the ministry and schools to invest in the initiative we will see a stronger commitment to the maintenance of the equipment put in place and continuation of the changes made.

What is involved?

For each school JWOC will ensure they are two functioning wells- one for supplying water for drinking and one for supplying water for the bathrooms for flushing and hand-washing. In many cases this will require drilling new wells though whenever it is possible JWOC will repair any existing but broken wells. JWOC drills its wells to a minimum of 25 metres to make sure that even in the driest part of the dry season the water still flows.

Each classroom will been given a locally made water filter. These filters make the water pumped from the wells safe for drinking. The filters are easy to maintain and require no chemicals or precise measurements. We will also supply a water filter for the teachers’ room.

Each child will be given a personal drinking bottle so they do not need to share cups. This will reduce the chance of spreading illness. Using permanent markers the children will personalise the bottle so they can be sure to always find their own.

Each child and teacher will receive a ‘hygiene pack’ of a toothbrush, toothpaste and soap to kick start their improved hygiene habits.

The Training

Throughout the initiative training sessions will be held to increase the impact of the material support given.

Someone from each school plus a representative from the ministry will attend our well maintenance training. This session will give the participants the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to do routine servicing and carry out repairs, increasing the longevity of the wells put in place.

For filter training two teachers and the director will attend from each school. They will learn how to set up and maintain the filters to ensure a safe supply of water. The attendees will then in turn train the other teachers at their school.

All children and teachers plus representatives from the ministry will attend hygiene training sessions. These sessions cover the benefits and best techniques for hand washing and teeth cleaning plus why it is important not to share drinking bottles. 

How you can help

A donation to our Clean Water for Schools appeal will make a big difference for the health and wellbeing of children in Siem Reap.

$14 will provide a filter. 

$350 will provide a well. 

$100 will provide hygiene packs for 150 children.
If you would like to sponsor a school please take a look hereto find out more about some of the schools in need. We would love to match up overseas schools with schools here in Cambodia- if you are a teacher or student contact us for more information.

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