In his post this month Clean Water Project Manager updates and thanks all recent Clean Water and Emergency Relief donors.

Dear Supporters

I am glad to update you about Clean Water Project.

I worked in Brasat Char village for almost five months, which means I took a much longer time than previous villages. There are a few reasons that I took longer time than other village, firstly, because of flooding destroying infrastructures, so we could not reach to the village then we had to delay our project.

As the solution, we did emergency relief in Brasat Char village; because we could not transport filters to the village. Our team went out to the village and gave out clean water tablets. We gave out fifteen tablets in each family (one tablet could produce 20 liters of safe drinking water).

Because of flooding, we could not use tuk tuk or truck for transporting hygiene packs so we decided to use backpack to carry all the materials. This photo shows student carrying their backpack along the badly damaged road with their own motorbike.

Because of the road was destroyed by flood, we could not transport filters to the village so we decided to choose twenty poorest families in the village (just two people from each family) to repair the road then we gave them fifteen kilogram of rice to work per day. These photos show road repairing and villagers received their rice.

After we repaired the road we could bring our filters to the village, we gave out 335 filters plus one mosquito net for each family. The reason for giving out mosquito net because of flooding just recede so there are a lot of mosquito in the village. Most people used very old mosquito net, which has some hole on net that could not protect from mosquito or did not have enough mosquito nets for everyone in the family. This picture shows villagers receiving filters and mosquito nets after the training.

Once again, the villagers were lacking hygiene knowledge and their children always get sick in their families. Therefore we provided useful training to them for example, hand washing and teeth cleaning, In the training, they were very happy and they could practice and show the correct steps which we had trained them. As the result, we hope they will change their habits and follow the training. Then we gave out 1033 hygiene packs. Additionally, we drilled 44 new wells, fixed 25 existing wells; next, we did 44 water tests from the new wells and 10 from filters.

Now villagers are very happy because they have clean water for using and drinking, they especially like that the wells are nearby their houses. They stop using pit wells. I am very happy to see the result that our team has tried with our best to help them. In the recent update from Brasat Char village chief, told us there are 1612 people and 335 families in the village. Most villagers are farmers, fishermen, and a few are working as a construction workers in the city.

Other news- I trained my team to entering data analysis from baseline survey through impact assessment and also some extra functions in Excel. Because JWOC has budget for staff training I was able to join an Advanced Excel course at a private school. Now my team can help me with a lot of work. I divided them into two groups- one group entering data analysis in the office and other group goes to the village.

Finally, I would like to say thank you again for helping the Clean Water Project. I look forward to writing to you again next time to tell you more about the project.

Best wishes,


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