JWOC’s Digital Literacy classes provide students with an opportunity to explore how technology works and can be applied to their real life. Here are some case studies of students who wanted to share what they learned from our program:

Savoleak is a 14-year old student from Thmey Village, around 2km away from JWOC. She has been enrolled on our Digital Literacy Class for 2 terms.  Her father fixes TVs, her mother is a housewife and she has two siblings. She is the only person in her family who can use a computer, and she said that her mother is really happy. She said that she wishes her school taught computer classes. She now feels more confident because she can type, insert tables in Microsoft Word and use google to do research for her school work.

Seyha is 22 years old and he is originally from Banteay Meanchey province and has moved to live in SR 5 years ago with his auntie. He is a Free classes volunteer in English project to assist our staff during the week. Besides from that he takes the opportunity to enroll on our Digital Literacy class to improve his computer skills. He said before he worked as a service and receptionist but cannot use the computer at all and used to study computer in one school but still cannot use it because there were a little practice. After he studied Digital Literacy at JWOC for 1 term, he now feel more confident to use computer at his workplace and hope to learn more in the next coming term.

Habb Sreytouch is 22 years old and she graduated from high school in 2016. She has 6 siblings and she is the fourth child in the family. She doesn’t work or continue to study at university right now because she helps her parents in farming and consider to apply for the scholarship at JWOC next year. She enrolled on Digital Literacy classes for 3 terms and she said that she get a lot of benefits such as typing skills, documentation, and experiences in using powerpoint and excel. She also continued that she will use all the computer skills that she has gained to apply in her future studies and jobs.

Srey Pich is 17 years old and she is a high school student. Her  parents are sellers. She enrolled in English classes for 2 terms and at Khmer school her favorite subjects are Khmer and Maths because these subjects are very practical and she said that “English is also really help because if I study abroad so I can use English to communicate. She added that “I think including apps is very good for learning English because It’s fun, not boring, and get new experiences.”

DL has provided great success within different projects of Free Classes such as students have reported that they can use computers better, English students said that using apps help them in terms of communication and researching skills and more. All of these achievements because of all efforts and donations everyone has contributed to the program. JWOC would like to thank The SHARE Institute for supporting our Digital Literacy programs over the last two terms.

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