Fortunately the flood waters in Siem Reap have now more or less gone. It’s amazing to look at villages that just 2 weeks ago had rivers instead of paths and see bare ground again.

The flooding is now replaced with much more manageable puddles, but problems still exsist.

Unfortunately the flood waters going isn’t the end of the story. A couple of days ago ( Friday 4th November) the World Food Program appeal for food aid for victims of the flooding. With rice crops destroyed in both Cambodia and surrounding countries the cost of rice, the staple food, is increasing week on week.

Rice, the staple food of Cambodia is rapidly increasing in price.

This increase in price is going to affect the poorest hardest. Even in better years portions of rice in some households were already meager and this jump in prices will make portions smaller still.

You can read the full appeal from the World Food Program here.

As with the initial emergency response, not everyone will be able to benefit from the work of the larger agencies-there’s just too many people. Using the funds donated to our appeal JWOC is able to make a commitment to help the communities around us to make sure that they aren’t left out.

We will soon be recruiting a new project manager to plan and coordinate all the activities of our recovery work. The new manager will be a local person with experience in community work- someone able to identify and respond to the needs that exist.

Thank you again to everyone who donated to our appeal and made it possible for us to provide immediate and ongoing assistance.

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