Meet Peng, Rany and Suphet; a family that benefit from the activities and lessons that JWOC’s Free Classes Project provides. From Monday to Friday Peng (daddy) attends a computer class from 9-10am where he learns about MS Word, Internet, Excel and Powerpoint.

Rany (mummy) participates in our Sewing Course, developing basic sewing skills such as drawing patterns, using a sewing machine, cutting and hemming. Her lessons are from 8.30 – 11.00am.

And lastly we have Suphet who is almost 2 years old. He likes to spend time with Peng and Rany, exploring JWOC’s facilities, especially the library. Over the last couple of months, Suphet has become more relaxed and confident playing supervised but by himself and exploring the toys in the library. He now waves and says goodbye in English. Peng loves showing Suphet new toys and activities.

Peng can be seen washing Suphet’s hands and feet. Suphet is already learning good hygiene practices at a young age, something which JWOC advocates and that is vital here in Cambodia.

Once he is clean, Peng and Suphet spend time reading books together. Suphet is very inquisitive and Peng tries to teach him English vocabulary as well as reading him stories in Khmer.

However, with his new found independence Suphet likes to make his own choice of books.

It is really lovely to see this family enjoying and benefiting from the facilities and activities at JWOC. If you are interested in supporting the Free Classes Project to benefit more families please visit our website.