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Based on the principle of ‘Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow’, our focus is education, including opportunities at local universities, JWOC’s Community Center and in the villages surrounding Siem Reap, Cambodia. We have learned that focusing on education is where we can make the greatest difference in helping Cambodian youth to better their future and become leaders in their community.

Empower Our Community!

Nesa gives her thoughts on her first 3 months at JWOC

My name is Khuon sonesa. I have been working for JWOC for around 3 months as a Child Development Coordinator and Librarian. I am also a part-time teacher here. I am very glad to be a staff member at JWOC. Being a Child Development Coordinator and Librarian is a new experience for me and I enjoy the responsibility that comes with it. Every day, I have to teach and find activities to do with children in the library. They are very special. They like doing new things and enjoy hands-on experience. And I also really enjoy doing new things and playing with them especially on Sundays when JWOC runs its weekly Art Class for children to come and get more skills and knowledge about art projects. This class is led by my team and I. It’s a very special class that I really enjoy and I am relishing the opportunity to find creative ways to inspire the children of the community.

What makes me really love JWOC is that it has become a pillar in the community where real change happens. I really love the slogan of JWOC “See the problem, solve the problem”. By seeing this slogan it seems like JWOC is the Hope and the Help for other people. Moreover, all the staff at JWOC are very friendly and warm to me. They are like my brothers and sisters.

Since I have worked here I have joined join four workshops, two times as a participant and two more times as a speaker. All of those workshops have been very useful for me because it gave me many new ideas, experiences and also helped build up my confidence in working and teaching.

I have only been working at JWOC for 3 months but I can see how JWOC is the strength and hope of our community.

Our Programs

Scholarship Program

The ability to attend university and achieve a higher education is well beyond the financial reach of many students in Cambodia even if they are able to graduate from high school. JWOC awards university scholarships to Cambodian students who are the driving force behind everything we do!

Free Classes

The JWOC Free Classes program aims to improve quality education for low-income families within the community through language and skill-based lessons. To achieve this goal, we ensure that the community has access to free quality education at our community centre!

Community Support

JWOC delivers essential life skills trainings in the villages that helps improve standards of living. We work with village leaders and the community to actively involve them in assessing their needs and in customizing training content!

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