As part of the Clean Water Project we carry out hygiene training in each village we work with. The last three weeks have been training time in Duon Keo, our latest village partner. We got great levels of attendance and it was also an opportunity to test out some recent revisions to the training sessions.

Look through our pictures to learn more…

The training sessions take place in any open spaces in the village- though trees are always a welcome feature for the shade they provide. Here we can see Project Manager Sokhorn starting the teeth-cleaning session.

One new feature of the adults’ training sessions is a temporary creche which allows the parents to concentrate on the messages and activities. The little ones get to complete hand-washing colouring sheets and play games.

The props and interactive nature of the training sessions make them fun and memorable.

One of the changes to the teeth-cleaning session was to introduce actions to help the participants remember the steps. Here we can see children doing the “up” part of the “up, down and around” routine.

Another one of the changes was the use of flashcards during the session. These pictures help explain ideas and also aid memorisation of the messages.

After the sessions everyone receives a ‘hygiene pack’, so they can put the training into practice straight away- increasing the chances of creating new habits.

To learn more about the Clean Water Project and what other activities take place in each village visit this page.

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