We are so excited to announce a US Journeys Within Our Community Fundraising Tour! 

Many of you will remember when Narla joined me in the US in 2009 and together we visited schools, clubs, and many of our wonderful donors – all to raise awareness and to generate donations for the projects we’re working on in Southeast Asia.

Somit, Our Free Classes Program Manager is excited to
travel to the U.S for the first time and speak about his
experiences at JWOC
We decided that it was time to do it again, so in September Narla, Makara, Somit and Vantha will be coming to the US to visit and to help fundraise. Narla is such a great JWOC success story and of course is now our expert on US travel so he’ll be coming along to help the other guys learn the ropes. Makara has been working for Journeys Within Boutique Hotel for years,so for him this is a bonus trip from the company. Since he’s also a scholarship student alumni he’ll be put to work fundraising as well!  Somit and Vantha have both been working for JWOC for years so this trip is to thank them for their amazing service and because their experience and passion for JWOC is just such a joy to be around!

Vantha, our Office and Scholarship Manager is also
 looking forward to talking
about JWOC on his first ever visit to the U.S!

Below is our tentative schedule for the trip; and the reason I’m writing is because we need our supporters help to make this trip a success. Not only do we need places to stay in each stop on the tour, but we also need an audience!  On our last trip our donors and supporters hosted, and/or held dinners or gatherings so we could tell friends and family about what we’re doing with JWOC. The events donors arranged included inviting us to their book clubs, to their Rotary group meetings and to their kid’s schools as well as hosting events in their homes! Because of incredible donor support we were able to raise money, awareness and get more people involved in what we’re doing here in Southeast Asia.

If you would be interested in hosting a dinner or if you have a group that you think would be interested in having us to speak please just let me know and we will start putting together a wonderful two weeks for these guys!

All the best,


Schedule for the trip

·      September 20th: Our JWOC representatives arrive in San Francisco
·         September 21st:  We will be in Sacramento, CA
·         September 22nd: We will fly from California to New York City!
·         September 23rd: We are hoping to attend World Savers in New York City
·         September 24th: New York
·         September 25th We will head from New York City to Washington DC
·         September 26th  Washington DC
·         September 27th: We will head back to California
·         September 28th: Everyone will attend the JWOC Board Meeting in Truckee, CA
·         September 29th – October 4th:  We will be in California, but we would be willing to travel if you have an opportunity for us!
·         October 5th:  The guys depart to head back to Cambodia

If you can help host our team please email  [email protected]

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