JWOC strives to provide quality opportunities to not only the community but to those in the villages. The Community Support Team has been working hard on 3 training topics, Hygiene, Maternal Health and Positive Parenting!


There have been 12 Hygiene training this year in Takam Primary School, and Prasath Char Primary School. With 350 students in attendance, the Community Support Team split the trainings over several months. To prepare for the trainings baseline surveys were recorded to ensure that all trainings were relevant to the needs of the community. As such, the Hygiene training focused on improving hand washing habits before and after meals and after using the bathroom. Additionally, children are now in the habit of brushing their teeth at least 2 times per day, and especially after eating sweets!

Maternal Health trainings were conducted with 300 women in 3 different villages, Kok Thmey, Rohal and Kok Pnov. Young women, as well as mothers, are also encouraged to attend these trainings so they can learn about the benefits of visiting the Health Center and the importance of family planning.


The Community Support team were happy to record that the women in the villages have committed to visit the Health Center regularly during pregnancy. And in return, the Health Center has pledged to provide better services to the women.

There are 4 Positive Parenting trainings planned for the year in 4 different villages, Thnounth Chrum, Ang Dang Kun, Peam and Lberk villages. The trainings have been designed with the aim of promoting a healthy parent-child relationship specifically with parents encouraging their children to attend school regularly.  

The Community Support team recently conducted the first Positive Parenting training of the year at Thnouth Chrum village with 25 participants. They were met with enthusiastic participants and looks forward to future trainings!


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