This January JWOC has been thinking a lot about resolutions and plans and they are also part of our New Year Appeal. In this blog post Soubanh, a scholarship student in Laos, writes about his ideas for the future.

My Dream and Hope

I dream to become an English teacher in the future because English is very important in communication with many people around the world for example in economics, tourism and in co-operation. Due to the fact English is an international language many people use English to communicate to each other. Therefore, I need to teach English to young Lao student so they will be able to speak in the future.

If I have enough capital for my education, I will continue with a master degree after my graduation of bachelor. I think I really need to do that. I think if we have high education, good quality of work and teaching and good organization skills we can be a school director. I hope I could be the chief of school at my own English centre. At my centre I will try to provide the very good course by selecting the teachers who have high experience to teach with me.

Soubanh is able to study at university because he is matched with a JWOC sponsor. If you would like to become a sponsor in 2012 take a look at this page to find out.

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