In all organizations staff turnover is healthy and new faces bring new ideas and fresh perspectives. JWOC is no different and I want to thank those that have left for the hard work they have put in over the years.

Our new Managing Director, Alex, has moved into the position after being with JWOC as our Education Manager. We welcome her enthusiasm and ability to work with the JWOC team as we set our goals for 2014. Filling her place as Education Manager is Sarah who is completing her masters degree in Education and International Development so has JWOC’s Free Classes program close to her heart. Stepping into a new position is Tom who is excited to be working as Communications Manager. What a great team they make! Of course supporting the projects are our wonderful team of Project Managers and Vantha our Office Manager – thank you all for all you do to enable JWOC to serve the local community!

Behind the scenes and back in the USA is the JWOC board. Here too we are experiencing changes. After nine years JWOC’s co-founders have stepped aside as the Executive Directors. Andrea and Brandon have given so much to JWOC over the years and we are delighted they are not moving on – they will continue to work for JWOC on the board. Stepping up to fill the Executive Director’s job is Jane who has been Board Chair for the last few years, and stepping into the Chair role is Philippa who was chair prior to Jane and has been on the board since JWOC’s inception. Moving on are two of the founder board members – Dawn and Rebecca. They will be missed and I would like to thank them for their hard work and their support of JWOC over the years.

Stepping into new board positions along with Andrea are Erin, Nicole, and Dudley. All three bring relevant skills and experiences and I welcome them to the board and look forward to working with them.

With new board members as well as the old we feel there is a stability and a fresh enthusiasm in the board and we are excited to be moving into 2014.

If you would like to know more about any of these folk please go to our website where both staff and board members are profiled.

If you would like to join us in continuing to make JWOC the innovative not-for-profit which truly changes lives in SE Asia contact:

me, [email protected] to join the board
Alex at [email protected] to volunteer in Cambodia.
Tom at [email protected] to develop a fund raiser to help us achieve our goals.

many thanks
Philippa Nigg

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