Better Futures Program

Our Better Futures Program aims to improve quality education for students from local High Schools. We provide classes, workshops and projects designed to complement their state school studies, helping them make informed decisions about their options after finishing school, whether it is employment, vocational training or university.

JWOC has been at the forefront of youth issues since 2006. Our Scholarship students who have gone through this process identified the time between High School and knowing what to do next, lacking the guidance they need to plan for their future.

We give current high school students and those who have recently graduated the guidance they need to set or reach their future goals.Through a tailored curriculum of English, Computer, Life Skills, Career Guidance and Youth Leadership, the students graduate from the program equipped with the skills, knowledge and motivation needed to succeed and make informed decisions about whether they want to pursue further education, vocational training, or work.

Sony and Tey are two 15-year-old students enrolled in JWOC’s English classes. They both live about 30 minutes from JWOC by motorbike (15-20km away) and join the English and computer classes offered at our Learning Center on the weekends. Tey doesn’t have a computer at home, and Sony has one but it broke a long time ago – they don’t have access to any at their school either. They both would like to join JWOC’s Better Futures Program because it will give them more experience, knowledge and help them get a good job. Sony wants to be a nurse, and Tey wants to be a teacher, but when asked if they get any support from school to reach their career goals, they said that they only know that they have to keep studying hard.

Youth will develop their language and literacy in our English and Computer classes – but these skills are not enough on their own. Making these classes project-based and focused on 21st century skills provides opportunities for our students to develop and apply the five Cs: creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and curiosity.

We offer counselling and life skills training so that our students can overcome the barriers that stop them from educational success and their future goals. Our Scholarship students will inspire the new generation, by mentoring them and acting as role models.

JWOC will provide career guidance sessions and workshops, as well as career development resources such as action plans, cv writing and mock interviews. We will also provide practical opportunities for youth to experience a range of careers, including workplace visits and internships with our partners, so that they know exactly what to expect and if it’s the right career for them.