The “Race4Youth” is our most successful annual fundraiser, raising $22,342 in 2020 with over 30 challenges completed by our participants. That means we have raised an incredible $126,251.09 in the last 6 years combined!

Between September and December, in Cambodia and internationally, we will be taking on a challenge to raise funds. To reach our target, we need you to join us!

Wherever you may be, you can take on a challenge and change lives here in Siem Reap. Get in touch with [email protected] to get started.

Eve runs with JWOC staff and students at the Angkor International Half Marathon in 2019.
Jed walks 10 miles with his dog, Tillie.
JWOC's first Scholarship Student, Narla, cycles 20km everyday for 1 week.
Pat cycles at Angkor Wat with Scholarship Student, Borey
Mickey cycles 23 miles along the seashore.
Thom, JWOC Scholarship Program Graduate from 2011 runs 21km with the JWOC team.
Nesa and Chamnan swim 50 laps
Sochea cycles 120km to her hometown