JWOC scholarships change lives. Through their 4 years with JWOC, our scholarship students give back to their community by serving as the volunteer staff for JWOC’s programs, which allows them both to grow as individuals and to have a huge impact on their community.

Our “Bringing Our Graduates Back” event will see ten of our former scholarship students return to JWOC to spend a day volunteering on our programs to raise funds and awareness. We are attempting to raise a total of $10,000, which will enable our Clean Water, Free Classes, Microfinance and Community Support programs to continue delivering critically needed assistance to our communities.

We invite you to support the initiative by following this link

This week, we will meet the 3 graduates who came back to volunteer with the Free Classes Program.

Borey, Piseth and Tep have all gone on to become successful members of the community and are truly great people. It was fantastic to see them back at JWOC working alongside our current group of scholarship students.The former scholarship students were matched up with current teachers and went through the lesson plan for the class ahead. Using the skills they first learned at JWOC and have honed since they began their professional careers they took an active role in classes, overseeing students work and running activities and games. Here’s what the graduates had to say about coming back to work with JWOC.


Borey Chhoeung graduated from JWOC in 2014; he now works for GoGlobal as the Assistant Principal.

‘’The reason I want to come back and volunteer for JWOC is because they helped me so much through my bachelors degree and I learnt so much. I just want to help JWOC as much as possible. JWOC is my second home and the only place that has changed my life. My advice to the current students:  Help JWOC, help your community and you will help yourself. Help JWOC as much as possible because you will learn great life lessons. I certainly did.”



Tep Morn graduated from JWOC in 2013. After spending 4 years volunteering on the Free Classes Program he moved on to become an English teacher at the Salariin Kampuchea Organization. Tep is a dedicated teacher who appreciates all the teacher training that was given to him during his time at JWOC.

“I learnt so much through the monthly seminars and teacher training workshops, it has got me to where I am today and given me a huge opportunity in life. I am looking forward to come back because JWOC is such a huge part of my life. I want to share the skills I have learnt with the current scholarship students. I know the Free Classes Program has grown so much since I was a scholarship student, I am looking forward to seeing the impact it has.”


Piseth Has graduated from our scholarship program in 2009. Since then he has achieved great things in his local community and is now the operations manager for Possibilities World.

“JWOC helped me gain useful and practical experiences that changed my life. Completing higher education and developing my skills has enabled me to get a better job. I want to come back to JWOC to see the current breed of scholarship students giving back.  My advice to the current students, commit yourself to your volunteering and you will get a deep sense of satisfaction from every experience, it will give you a broader outlook in life and give you a platform to achieve great things.”

Keep following to hear from the other graduates who came back and volunteered with us at JWOC.

Please donate and help us raise $10,000 for JWOC’s programs.

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