My Hopes and Plans for 2012- from Khoeurn

January 26, 2012

In this post scholarship student Khoeurn shares his very sensible resolutions for 2012.

Hi! My name is Khart Khoeurn. I am very happy that I could get the chance to view my 2012 plans and hope.
Why do we need to plan? According to wise people in the world, anyone who always plans who he is going to much more than unplanned person. During 2012, I plan to do the following:

The first thing is to volunteer. Here, I am going to teach voluntarily at a pagoda. I think it is the most important thing. I would like to provide what I have learnt to everyone who needs studying and who try hard to find it. Even though I am now teaching at JWOC and a number of students have been learning, there are thousands students who need education. I am going to teach from 2 to 3 in the afternoon.

The second thing is to read book at the library. We know that library is the most useful research place and the most powerful resource for us who love studying. I am going to spend my time to read books at lease one hour after my class. A proverb says, “The more you read the more you know.”

The third one is to develop myself through JWOC. This point is that JWOC has programs to help every scholarship student to increase ability in each project. I myself have everything which runs smoothly. My subject at the university and the project at JWOC are symmetrical. I am going to join every activity at JWOC and learn more from it.

The last one is to write diary. I haven’t done this since I was young. But this idea happened after I had learnt with teacher Anne who taught me and a friend of writing. During 2012, I am going to do it and make sure I will be acquainted with it and go on write it all my life.

In sum up, after I will have done these four activities for one year at the end of 2012 I hope I could help my society and improve myself and my English.

If Khoeurn has inspired you to also make changes in 2012 take a look here to see how you can work with JWOC to make a difference.

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