A note from Seng, Clean Water Manager

October 9, 2012

In this post new Clean Water Manager Seng talks about the current Clean Water activities and what is coming up next. 

I am Seng and I have been working two months as Clean Water Project Manager in Journeys Within Our Community organization, but I was previously a scholarship student and I have been volunteering in clean water project more than three years. Before starting my work for JWOC, I had been teaching at secondary school for 9 years. Having been volunteering with the Clean Water Project for 3 years, I had noticed that this project is very important to the local community. I really like the project. I hope to use my chance at JWOC to get better by trying all my best, because helping JWOC is really to help the community, Cambodian people, which suits my aim. I really want my people to be better. This job is really the step for me to get success.

Nowadays, we are about to finish the present village, Ta Kam village, that is in Dounkeo commune, Puok District, Siem Reap Province. Much improvement has been seen in the village, the people have enough water to use, clean water to supply their lives and changing some habit in doing the hygiene practice, because of good implementation and hard work of scholarship students.

At school, we had just finished only specialized training of the teachers and we had to stop because there was a big holiday, at the beginning of July to the end of September. What we finished at school, I think it was very successful because all teachers were cheerful with our project and they joined with us happily and they were able to understand what information we provide them easily. I hope the next step in the project at school, student training, will also get good achievements.

During October, we are going to work in the office to prepare for the new village and school that will start in November because of much rain and flood during October in the rainy season in Cambodia. Anyway, we are waiting for new scholarship students to come while most students in the team have graduated.. The processes over the next few months will last longer than before because we implement the Clean Water Project in two different places, school processing on Saturday and village processing on Sunday.

Thank you for reading my update and for supporting Clean Water in Cambodia!

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