Clean Water Update from Sokhorn

November 21, 2011

Read below the update Project Manager Sokhorn wrote last month about progress in Brasat Char village.

I have been trying my best in working for sustainable development in the communities we work with and I am enjoying seeing the big changes happen.I am very happy to continue my working with JWOC to develop the poorest communities around Siem Reap province. In addition, I like working with JWOC team. We have a great team and we have been working in good environment. I am happy to update you about the Clean Water Project in Brasat Char village, which I have been working for more than three months but we have not finished yet.

This photo show clean water team in rainy season. My team and I went to Brasat Char village to do hygiene training for children; we tried to go to the village with the slippery and muddy road around five kilometers from the better road to Brasat Char, some of our team went on foot for a long distance. Even though we have difficulty with the road in this season we are happy and enjoying in working to develop our community.

This photo show poor hygiene with the kids in the village. His nail very dirty and it cause very bad health in the village such as getting diarrhea, dysentery, cholera and other diseases. As the solution we train the kids with basic hygiene training (hand washing and teeth cleaning), we ask them to practice in the real practical from our training.

Brasat Char Village, there are 1607 people and 332 families. If we compare to the previous villages Brasat Char is bigger and most villagers using traditional pit wells than other villages (just big hole to the ground) which make many obstacles for them. In rainy season the water flows from dirty ground into the hole, while in dry season they have to dig further into the ground to get more water. In additional, a few villagers have their own pulley wells, hole wells and pump wells in their families. From our surveys, we can see they have been lacking of hygiene knowledge. This problem can cause number of villagers getting sick in their families.
So far we have already drilled 31 new wells to provide beneficiaries use safe drinking water, and we are going to check more wells location after Pchum Ben festival. Then we are going to provide hygiene training for more children, and then it is the turn of the adults. Additionally we are going to train villagers how to use and care ceramic water filters.

Other news- Jackie the new Education Manager trained our Clean Water team how to be a good presenter for the training sessions. She was helping the team build more confidence, and to know more about the materials used in the training. We asked the team present in turn in front of their team. Once again we asked them for practicing with the louder volume because we can have a huge group to train in the village. In order to make the training successful and useful for the students Jackie and I went to the village to observe them during the training and after that we gave feedback to the team by person.

Finally, I would like to say again thank you so much for helping the Clean Water Project. I look forward to writing to you again next time to tell you more about the project.

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