Find out what Somath, our Librarian, has to say about the JWOC library

October 11, 2011

Our Library Sessions

From day to day the library is popular and is known to many students and children who live nearby. They like coming to read, to play, and to join all of the activities happen in the library every day. There are a lot of games, toys, books (Khmer books, English books, bilingual) waiting for children and students. The schedule of activities in the library is very busy. Everyone is welcome to the library.

Travel Aid and High School Intern students made a five days per week summer program for one month in August to make children happy and learn from the games and activities such as coloring, painting, dancing, singing with both English and Khmer songs. The children were very satisfied with all the activities led by Travel Aid and High School Intern students. They made a big picture and posters which we put on the library wall. The activities led by Travel Aid and High School Intern students made the library more popular and active. They left a lot of great memories to children. It is a good time for Cambodian students to learn from the Western students. Thus, we both learned from one another. We are very happy to have Travel Aid students lead summer activities in our library. We hope that this will happen every year.

Open toy box time is very popular for children to play with toys and games that can help them learn English and have creative ideas such as puzzle games, building block, memory games …etc. that are appropriate for children. In order to keep the library interesting, we have to buy new games and books every month. Fortunately, some child-friendly games and toys and English books were donated by Asia Foundation Organization, Room To Read Organization and other generous volunteers and guests who came to the library and were involved in the activities.

Soft toys are very popular toys in the library. The children really like to cuddle them while they are reading. Some children like taking picture with these toys. The majority of children always pick up the soft toys first before take the books to read.

We have many sessions in the library. One of these, quiet time, is the good time for older children and adults to research their lessons and increase their general knowledge through reading. We also have sets of books for teacher resources, some were donated by Room to Read Organization and Asia Foundation. These books are great for reading comprehension. The teachers can borrow these sets of books for their students to read in the class, or they can book the library for the reading session.

Story time is very important for little children who cannot read. Older children are also interested in this session. They can learn both Khmer and English story every session. After the session the children can summarize the story and tell to their friends. We then have coloring and paper folding (they learn how to make bird, crane …etc.) time afterward. We copy the coloring sheets for them. We have water color, oil color, pencil color, and crayon for them to use. Sometimes they draw the pictures on their own. These sessions are good for them learning drawing, coloring, and listening.

These are all the activities that happen every day in the library. It is good to see children and adults come in every day and we will try to improve the library regularly so that more and more students come in. If you would like to find out more about our library please click here

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