Microfinance – Training our Scholarship students

July 20, 2014

I am Sovann, the Microfinance Program Manager at JWOC, going to write about what is Microfinance at JWOC and its importance. So what is Microfinance?

“Microfinance” is the financial services for poor and low-income clients offered by different types of service providers in Cambodia. Moreover, JWOC’s Microfinance program was born to help small entrepreneurs access financial services and improve the income from their small businesses especially those unable to access loans from other institutions in Cambodia. As a part of this program we also offer courses to borrowers so they can gain knowledge of business plans, water filters, hygiene training and budget training.
It also provides potential knowledge to scholarship students for their future career because they all have to work closely with local community, this includes all types of borrowers. They also get training about all aspects of Microfinance: Loan assessment and credit valuation, bad debt solving and advertising techniques before they start working with JWOC MF program. They also get ongoing training from the MF Program Manager. Here are some students who are working in MF sector in Siem Reap.

Mengty, JWOC loan officer leader, is studying in year three in Finance and banking at BBU. Now he is working for YCP microfinance as an accountant. He got training in how to use E-Trust System which is similar to the system which is used by his company.

Heang, JWOC loan officer, is a third year student at BBU in Siem Reap. He is working for Piset organization as credit officer. He attended the training which was conducted by Sovann, MF manager from JWOC. From this cause it helped him to get a job as a credit officer. It also makes him easier to work with the community and borrowers. He knows how to do loan assessment, how to do advertising and solving the problems that he faces. 

Visoth, JWOC loan officer, is fourth year student in the field of IT at BBU in Siem Reap. But he is working as credit officer at AMK. Because he got the training from JWOC, he can work in the different field from his university major.

Therefore, Microfinance program at JWOC is very important for all JWOC scholarship students. It helps to improve the students career which fits to the field they are studying at school.

I would like to say thank you for spending time reading this blog. I am looking forward to writing more about something else next time.

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