In this post Scholarship Programme Coordinator Vantha writes about the the difference he sees JWOC scholarships making. If you would like to know more about the Scholarship Programme please take a look here

As we all know human resources are very important tools to build up and be able to help people living in a community and society.
Currently in Cambodia there are many students graduate from high school every year. Some students continue their study at university with families support but some cannot and they have to find the job for earning money to support other siblings or stay at home to help family. Most of them really want to continue but the effect of family living in poor condition makes it so difficult to attend university even though they are smart students and have a commitment with studying. That is why a JWOC Scholarship is the best step to help them start to achieve their goals and also build capacity of human resources in Cambodia. 

Grade twelve students waiting outside of the classroom before final exam starts .
How does the scholarship programme change students ?

Pharin trains villagers in Antangkun Village about hand washing.
JWOC’s Scholarship Programme makes students change a lot. For example one of our current scholarship students, Pharin, has improved and changed a lot of her knowledge and abilities. We noticed during doing interview with her she was so nervous and quiet and shy but now she is so strong and confident. Right now she is studying in year four semester one and also volunteers in Clean Water project as a project officer. The impact of her working hard and studying hard is that she got a good grades from her academic studies and also she is able to successfully trains people in rural village to use clean water and improved their living with good hygiene. It is just the short story one of our scholarship student who gets benefit from JWOC Scholarship Programme.
Support the programme

Confident university students after their morning class
JWOC Scholarship Programme can only succeed its goal and help the other JWOC projects keep going with  supporters wanting to incorporate in our project and stay supporting us.

We are hoping this year the Scholarship Programme are going to get 27 new supporters for students who don’t have opportunity to continue their study and lead them to become the skilled human recourses for their country.

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