Vantha reflects on the importance on the scholarship programme

December 27, 2012

In this post Vantha discusses the difference a JWOC scholarship can make and shares some photos of the new students with their families and homes. 
There are many students who try hard to fight the education battle to help them achieve their future goals. Students have different opportunities and some have fewer chances than the others. They have to find jobs or scholarships to support their education and for living expenses. They are hoping and believing that the higher education will help them to achieve their goals.
The process of scholarship student recruitment for JWOC Scholarships 2012 made JWOC able to help 27 students to cross from the darkness to the brightness. JWOC made a good choices to pick up the strongest students that have commitment with their study, they really want to make their dreams become true.
I am so excited to be the Scholarship Programme Coordinator as I can see how important the scholarship programme is for students who really need help from someone or somewhere. When I visit homes I can see their family’s faces so happy to see their children receiving support and start moving to positive life, better than they have.
Education makes students change from feeling hopeless. That is why support from our donors is really important. With donor support we give students best resources and increase human resources in Cambodia and build up the strong humanity in the community and society.
The photos below show some of the new scholarship students with their family members. You see their living situations and condition which have made challenges for them.
Piseth in Scholarship t-shirt and with his family‘s photo above

Chamroeun in Scholarship t-shirt and with her family outside their house, below

SaEm in Scholarship t-shirt and with her big family‘s photo below
The photo of the road to scholarship student’s house took while home visit process. It is so difficult to get to the house because some part of the road cannot drive motorbike in; we have to walk through the flooded area.

Sreynou in Scholarship t-shirt and with her father
The happiness photo of all new scholarship students in fist time to meet each other at JWOC 2012.

To find out more about the Scholarship Programme take a look here-

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