Our Staff


Kneath Heard

Executive Director

Kneath joined the JWOC Team in 2015 and is responsible for leading the JWOC team in Cambodia, and ensuring the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives. He is passionate about using education as a tool to empower and develop the youth of Cambodia. Kneath holds an MSc in International Development from the University of Birmingham and a Bachelor of Arts from Aberystwyth University.



Chamnan Phang Ransmey

Administration and Finance Officer

Chamnan is responsible for JWOC’s day-to-day operations. She joined JWOC in 2019 as It reminded her of her past where it was hard to find someone or an NGO to support her studies, and so she is excited to be a part of JWOC to help Cambodian youth to grow by providing scholarships and personal development opportunities. Chamnan holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the National University of Management of Phnom Penh.



Keisha Gani

Development Manager

Keisha’s main role is to support our relationships with donors and partners, and to contribute to the development of JWOC as a key organization working with youth in Cambodia. She is passionate about human rights and empowering young people to become socially responsible and politically engaged citizens. Keisha graduated with an MSc in Health Policy and an MA in Social Policy and Politics from the University of Edinburgh.

Konthea Mean

Programs Manager

With the purpose of self-development, a desire to learn and wanting to help communities in Cambodia, Konthea joined the JWOC team in 2013. She now oversees all of our programs, building the capacities of our staff to reach our mission. Konthea holds a Bachelor of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Meanchey University, and is excited to start her Master’s Degree in 2020.



Dan Ros

Scholarship Program Coordinator

Dane is responsible for coordinating our Scholarship Program. Working at JWOC is an opportunity to keep enabling her motivation and passion to empower youths, equipping them with the skills and sufficient capacity for future employability, while supporting them to become social/community change makers. Dane graduated with a major in International Relations from the Royal University of Law and Economics of Phnom Penh in 2019.



Sochantrea Saing

Better Futures Program Coodinator

Sochantrea is responsible for coordinating our Better Futures Program, supporting students from local high schools to pursue University, vocational training or employment. As part of this program, she also supports youth who may have finished High School, but do not know the next steps they need to take to reach their career goals. She graduated with a Bachelor of International Relations and Political Science from Zaman University in Phnom Penh.

Kea Eng

Youth Leadership Program Coordinator

Kea graduated from the JWOC Scholarship Program in 2015, completing a Bachelor of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. He became a JWOC staff member soon after, and is now responsible for JWOC’s Youth Leadership Program, giving our students opportunities to learn about project management and develop their own solutions to address issues that youth in Cambodia currently face.



Reasey Rorn

English Language Instructor

Reasey graduated from the JWOC Scholarship Program in 2019, completing his Bachelor of Teaching English as a Foreign Language at the University of South East Asia in Siem Reap. He is now our full time English Language Instructor. As a JWOC Alumnus, he is excited to teach students enrolled in our Scholarship and Better Futures Programs.

Samnang Un

Computer Instructor

Samnang is JWOC’s Computer Instructor and is excited to develop his skills in teaching at JWOC. He makes technology accessible to students enrolled in our Scholarship and Better Futures programs, helping them to learn typing, Microsoft Office, email and online research skills.

Borey Tek

Teacher and Program Assistant

Borey is both a member of staff and current JWOC Scholarship Student in the final year of his degree, studying Education in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at the University of South East Asia in Siem Reap. Borey is passionate about teaching English to the youth of Cambodia and supporting all of JWOC’s programs.



Thida Klouk



Sarann Kae

Morning Caretaker


Theara Nhom

Afternoon Caretaker



Journeys Within Our Community (JWOC) is a non-profit organization working in Cambodia to empower low-income Cambodians to lead their communities by providing educational and personal development opportunities, inspiring a mindset of co-responsibility and social service. JWOC is certified with a Platinum Seal of Transparency by GuideStar.org.

Journeys Within Our Community (JWOC)

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