My name is Reasey. Nowadays, I live in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I stay with my brother in a small rental room near in the center of Siem Reap city. I finished high school in 2014. I started  University in 2014 . I study at University of South East Asia. My major is English Teaching. Now I am almost finish years 4.

The reason that I chose this subject is  I love Education. Only the Education can  help people to change their life and thinking. I love sharing my knowledge my new young generations by teaching them English language.

In the future, I want to be a professional English Teacher. I love this job and It is the best way that I can develop myself and help my community.

I am really happy that I got scholarship from JWOC. Before I got this scholarship I had a scholarship form another University. It is far and I have to stay alone in another Province. My family did not want me to stay far away from hometown. Next I got news for my brother’s friend. He told me about JWOC Scholarship announcement. It is the way that a could attend University in Siem Reap and also I could stay with my Brother too.

First, I apply for a scholarship at JWOC. I need to come to Siem Reap to get the document by my own self.  I have to submit back to JWOC with answer some questions with hand writing. This is the first part that I passed. Second, is I have to wait until JWOC make a phone call to me and then the interview becoming, at the first time interview for scholarship I cannot speak  English at all. So I only answer the questions with Khmer.

Finally, I passed by my hard working. I hope you are the reader will be becoming like me. One of the JWOC’s  scholarship students.

I am working while I am at the same time of attending university. I have got a problem at one semester I have fail one subject, I did not remember what subject is . I remember the resent is because I got a lot of work to do at my work place. But,  I had past then, I got the second exam.

JWOC  help  me  to develop myself by provide good opinion or ideas, create good training workshops, provide Advice counselor, and other work projects.

I am delighted to be a JWOC Scholarship student as a student of my scholarship and to support the community according to my ability, especially on education to the community. When I finish college, I hope to get a good job and becoming a good Teacher.

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