In this post 2nd Year student Borey talks about his experience as a JWOC Scholarship Student and the difference his scholarship has made to his life. If you would like to help change a life this year please take a look at our FAQs page to find out more.

In 2007 I graduated the high school at Svay Rieng province and I came to Siem Reap to get a new job here. I hoped to study at the university because I didn’t want to stop studying, but that time I had no money for study fee so I really needed  help. In 2010 I found Journeys Within Our Community (JWOC) and I applied to be a scholarship student the first time in my life. The amount of applicants was over than 300, so I had no hopefulness I can get a scholarship. But I got a scholarship! I promised myself I must study hard and do everything to return JWOC and my sponsor.

In the foundation year, I knew the university and working as a volunteer at JWOC in Clean Water Project. I need to get all grade C up in order to get the scholarship. Fortunately, for Semester 1 I got all grade A and semester 2 I got A four and a B+ in five subject. My sponsor were very happy for that result because they knew that what they gave me is not useless.

During nearly two year in the Clean Water project I receive so much knowledge and experiences. I know how to work with people, how to communicate, group working, and I can share my knowledge got from JWOC to other people in my community and to the other people who do not or not yet getting to know.

JWOC told me about how to use the internet as before I do not know what is internet and what is email. JWOC changed me so much, at first I was a person with lack of skill or even can say no skill that cannot do anything for community or society, but now I become a new person that have everything – knowledge and experience from the university and from JWOC. I am very very happy when I can see the smiling of my parents because they do not have enough money for me to study at university. I would like to say “Thanks” to my sponsor and JWOC also that chose me to get a scholarship and give me what I need the most in my life. I am so happy!!!

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