Students from West Point recently came to volunteer at JWOC. In their blog posts they explain about what they did and what they learned…

I had a great time while at JWOC. It was an amazing experience to be able to come around the world and help kids that are less privileged than me. While we were here we got to interact with the kids and really make an impact on their lives whether it was when we were sitting in on an English class and helping students learn the language or when we were teaching self defense courses. Either way I always felt that what I was doing was important and seeing the kids faces after talking to me in English class, even if they could understand me or not, was worth a whole lifetimes worth of happiness.  I felt best during the self defense classes that we taught at the school. Seeing the kids start the beginning of the class with no self defense experience at all and through the whole class seeing the kids progress is an amazing feeling. I know that I have truly made a difference on some kids in the community whether this class helped the kids in the class or a kid that was impacted on a second hand basis I know that I have made an impact and may have saved a child’s life. 

                The kids in this area are amazing. They are always willing and ready to learn about anything you will talk to them about.  They are shy to begin with, but they warm up to you fast and now it is easy to go up to any kid at the school and start a conversation.  It is a great feeling to have the kids run up to you in the morning when you get to school and start playing with you and calling for you by name.  This is an experience I will never forget.  We left a lasting impression on the school by painting a mural on the wall of the school of the alphabet.  It was a fun project that we got to be creative with and it will definitely be useful in the future. However the best part is that the kids really got involved and loved watching us make the mural.  The kids would always come up and play with the paint and play with us as well as ask about the painting.  Like I said the experience was amazing because of the kids and the teachers around the school.  I could not have asked for a better team of people to work with and I will never forget the things I learned or the encounters I have had while I have been at JWOC.

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