Borey, a scholarship student in his second year, writes here about his New Year and a big fish…

Hello! I’m Borey. Recently I participated a national festival, called Khmer New Year. This last for three days and always start on 13th or 14th April.

On this special occasion everyone was very happy with family and friends at their homelands. Houses were decorated with colorful and flowers, fruits, drinks,incense and candles were ready prepared to serve new angel with new things.

Borey at the market to buy goods for the New Year celebration.

On the 3rd day was the happiest time for me. I and my friends rode motorbikes to a very far pagoda. We danced and played traditional games there until early night.

Offerings at the pagoda.

A day after New Year’s days ended I went fishing and caught a very big fish with my nephew. We were surprised and happy. It was probably the gift that new angel give to me for New Year and made very delicious dinner for my family.

Borey’s nephew with the big fish.

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