I come from a normal family in Hong Kong and I worked in the hospitality industry.  Last year, I came to Siem Reap as a tourist and I met a JWOC Scholarship Student graduate at a boutique hotel – it was then that I first heard about JWOC and the work they do.
Despite the country’s tragic history, I was touched by the kindness and smile of Cambodians – the thought of returning to this place has clung to my heart since then.
“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” While we are receiving all-rounded education in Hong Kong, and working very hard to earn a living; there are people in Cambodia who have a thirst for knowledge, but struggle to find work because there is little chance to study.  Education is the requisite for becoming self-sufficient and creating future leaders here. 

I was assisting a team of passionate teachers in the Free Classes (supplementing to their usual classes at Public Schools) over the past few weeks.  I did enjoy it very much! The kids are innocent and willing to learn.  They simply made me smile every time when I enter JWOC. Seeing them reminds me to always show appreciations and be humble – instead of taking things for granted!
Thank you JWOC team for all the hard work and love!