For my special project assignment, I was placed with a group of two other volunteers and a scholarship student to work on researching potential business opportunities for JWOC in the local community. Our goals was to find a business opportunity that would both benefit the community and help raise funding for JWOC and at the same time giving the scholarship students real life work experience as they would manage the business. Our targeted industry was recycling, and for several days we went out into the local community, with a scholarship student as translator, to interview locals at various levels of the recycling chain to discover potential market entry opportunities. This was a type or service I had never before experienced. Being given the opportunity to utilize the business skill set I have been developing in college while pursuing my BBA and BSA was an empowering and new experience. As a result, my view of service and its role in my future life has been greatly reshaped. Through these experiences I now realize the synergies that exist between my desire to serve the community around me and my studies of business. No longer do I view these two pursuits as endeavors that are mutually exclusive. I now hope to pursue a career path that will enable me to fuse my love for business and passion to serve, a desire that has been greatly fueled by my two weeks in Siem Reap and experiences with JWOC.