The nice and comfortable house of ‘journeys within’ stands back to back with a settlers’ village. It is rather different to the villages we have visited the past days in that the houses are much closer together, there is no open countryside and people have only come recently from all parts of Cambodia and thus don’t know each other that well. Our task was to find out what water sources they use. It turns out that a number of families have invested in private wells, some even have them inside their houses; many families boil water or buy 20 liter bottles. We basically just need to draw a map now including the existing water wells and the number of people living in each house to decide on thw best locations of about 15 wells throughout the village.

We met one large theatre family of 30 members. They were more outgoing than other people we met. The children were keen to touch us and to ask for money. A pregnant woman told Rhodri that she would like her child to look like him (Mike is a bit offended). Shockingly, one mother of 8 led us to our house. Well, that pile of wooden bars and plastic sheets does not deserve the label ‘house’. She desperately wanted us to help her to improve her housing situation…we’ll see what we can do. Sad, that we cannot promise anything!