Chhorvy is the inspiration behind the JWOC bike ride, she is a Communications student at JWOC and is working hard planning and organizing the bike ride for the scholarship students. She is also the student who put forward the idea for scholarship students to enter Race4Change to raise funds and awareness for JWOC.

Hi, My name is Chhorvy Seng, I am a 4th year scholarship student volunteering in Communications at Journeys Within Our Community, studying Accounting in my final year at Build Bright University. I come from Svay Prei village in Siem Reap and I just started a new job working for Malaysia Airlines. I love volunteering with JWOC , I have made so many great friends and I love having the opportunity to be able to help my country. I have learned and grown so much during my time at JWOC


Why did you want to take part in this bike ride?

It is good exercise!!! but also it is an opportunity for me to represent JWOC and help them to tell people about all the good things we do. JWOC has given me so much help and support over the past 4 years, I wanted to do something to say thank you for this. Riding with the other scholarship students and staff for JWOC will be such a fun opportunity, I hope by doing Race4Change, friends of JWOC around the world will want to support and help us. If I can’t donate to JWOC myself, I want to try and inspire others to donate themselves.

Have you ever cycled 30km before, do you think you can do it?

I have never! but I will try my best, it will be such a wonderful experience and it is around the Angkor temples which makes it more special. I am so excited to be part of this.

How will Race4Change help JWOC?

Each of our 4 programs are trying to raise money for parts of their project which are really important. We are trying to raise money for 140 water filters, to continue our art and science classes for one year, fund 15 microloans and provide one whole village with 60 Home gardens. It is a dream of ours to be able to achieve this but if we did, my community would be proud of my hard work.


If you would like to support Chhorvy and her fellow scholarship students please donate here.

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