Youth Leadership Project

JWOC builds the capacities of young people by helping them become leaders in their communities and participate in decisions that affect them.

In Cambodia, young people aged 15-30 make up roughly 30% of Cambodia’s population. Youth are an important resource for Cambodia’s economic, social, cultural and environmental development. However, Cambodian youth are often excluded by decision makers, to the detriment of youth themselves and future generations. They also associate power with high ranking people and positions and feel a lack of recognition caused by an age and knowledge hierarchy. To mediate these issues, JWOC will be giving our students an opportunity to be change-makers.
Under the guidance of JWOC staff, our Year 2 Scholarship students will receive training on the project cycle and design their own project at JWOC’s Youth Learning Center. Year 3 students will take a more advanced version of the course and create solutions to address youth-focused issues. In Year 4, students will be given the opportunity to submit project proposals to JWOC to carry out their own projects in Siem Reap or their home community. This will allow them to build the necessary skills to lead in the development of their community after graduation. You can read a selection of the projects conducted in 2019 below:

Waste management (above): students conducted a survey with their peers, leading them to reduce the number of rubbish bins and separated by type.

Reducing family pressure (right): the students conducted interviews with alumni and their parents, creating a video and 2 posters about the value of higher education.


Journeys Within Our Community (JWOC) is a non-profit organization working in Cambodia to empower low-income Cambodians to lead their communities by providing educational and personal development opportunities, inspiring a mindset of co-responsibility and social service. JWOC is certified with a Platinum Seal of Transparency by

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