Volunteer at JWOC

Every volunteer brings a different set of skills that can be applied to our various programs. Whether it is hands-on training to our staff or Scholarship students, designing curricula or upgrading our IT systems, there are many ways you can get involved!

We are looking for international volunteers who can offer particular skills that will leave a lasting and sustainable impact on the people and communities we work with. We also accept volunteers who can offer remote support for campaigning, website design or communications.

If you are interested in volunteering at JWOC, please send a full resume and statement of interest to [email protected].


What an amazing time I had. It started in May 2018 and I finished in April 2019. Over the year I was an assistant English teacher to a number of amazing Cambodian teachers. I worked with children ranging in age from 8 to 15 years old. My role mainly involved speaking to the children so they could hear a native speaker (even with a very strong Australian accent). Some of my other roles were to help the teachers improve their English, correcting work and I helping them to think about how to help the children to understand what they are learning. Throughout the year I attended many different school/teacher/staff events, experiencing other aspects of school and Cambodian life not only teaching. Through this whole experience I gained many friends. I loved it so much I am going to do another year, experiencing different places to teach, but I now have friends to visit and come back to see and if they would like further help I am always available. It was such a rewarding time and I would recommend both volunteering and JWOC to anyone else. To do a year is not for everyone, but seeing how a whole year in a county and school helps you to really understand and see what is happening. I recommend 3 month as a minimum.

Vanessa Gothajner

Volunteer Assistant English Teacher

I am a retired technical manager and project manager volunteering remotely from my home in New Jersey, USA. I have been working with JWOC since the winter of 2018 as a volunteer webmaster. Using JWOC’s previous site content and working with Aklile and Keisha, I redesigned and launched JWOC’s current website. I also help manage the hosting of the site and keep an eye on it.

Volunteering with JWOC has been a wonderful opportunity to utilize and improve my technical skills and to serve the world community. I have also come to appreciate and enjoy my relationships with my JWOC co-workers!

The impact that JWOC has on Cambodian youth through its programs and dedicated staff eclipses my contribution but makes me feel a part of something positive. Considering what I see happening in my country and the world, being a part of something positive contributes to my well being as well.

I hope to continue to be a part of JWOC’s virtual staff for a long time. Hopefully, I’ll even be able to visit in person one day.

Mickey Diener

Volunteer Webmaster