JWOC Tours

Visit JWOC’s Youth Learning Center to meet our incredibly passionate and motivated students and staff. You can get close to the action while supporting JWOC and learning more about education in Cambodia. Please note that all visitors must adhere to our Child Protection Policy.

For costs and bookings, please email [email protected]

Meet a JWOC Scholarship Student

You will meet with one of our incredibly passionate and motivated JWOC Scholarship students who attends University in Siem Reap. Understand how they manage their study, work and scholarship commitments. This is an excellent opportunity to get an insider perspective into the Cambodian higher education system.

Take a Trip Back to College, Cambodian style!

Take in a slice of college life by seeing where JWOC’s Scholarship students study in Siem Reap. You will meet at the JWOC Office, and then head down to see their campus, study areas and local hangouts.

A Better Future for Cambodian Youth

JWOC’s Youth Learning Center to learn more about why youth are so important for the development of Cambodia and the struggles they face. Meet some of JWOC’s teachers, students and experience some cultural exchange. You will see what we are doing to lead youth into the future by developing their soft skills and helping them reach their career goals.