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build the leaders
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With the help of our donors, JWOC awards university scholarships to Cambodian students who have a desire to pursue further education.

With the average annual family income of $1,200, the reality faced by most students is that university is well beyond their financial reach. JWOC donors enable us to cover the full cost of tuition as well as textbooks to Cambodians in Siem Reap. Scholarship students are chosen based on a demonstrated desire to gain a higher education, their willingness to help their community, their past academic performance and current financial need.

Since its inception, over 200 students have graduated from JWOC’s Scholarship program.

These students have gone on to do amazing things, creating what we call the JWOC ‘ripple effect’; whereby one young person improves the lives of those around them.

We request that all scholarship sponsors commit to supporting their student for the full 4-years of the JWOC Scholarship Program.

JWOC Scholarships are much more than helping our students to overcome a significant financial barrier to further education – they provide an opportunity to gain valuable professional experience to shape the students’ career plans and aids them in getting jobs once they graduate, and develop the skills needed to be youth leaders that contribute to the sustainable development of Cambodia.

JWOC Scholar Plus

$1,200 / Year

Enable 1 student to go to University by covering their tuition fees and textbooks, as well as supporting the English, Computer, Life Skills, Career Guidance and Youth Leadership classes at JWOC for 1 year. We also provide all students with mentoring sessions to help them overcome any barriers to success.

JWOC Scholar+ Above & Beyond

$1,500 / Year

This level not only covers their formal education at university and extra support from JWOC, but also additional costs such as the recruitment process for students, referral for other services (counselling, healthcare), events (annual Scholarship Team Building, Graduation Ceremony), and administrative costs.