Today was fortunately another mostly dry day, allowing again for water levels to drop. However, although water levels are going down there are still a vast array of problems. The one the Clean Water team had to deal with today was a lack of road…

Reaching the end of the road. A section of the mud road has been washed away.

Having access to clean drinking water is very important for preventing illness, but so far JWOC has been unable to provide our current Clean Water partner village, Brasat Char, with water filters as the road conditions have been too bad to get vehicles into the village. Due to their size and weight it is not possible to deliver the ceramic filters on foot. To make sure villagers have access to clean water while we wait for water levels to drop and road repairs to take place we are providing each household with purification tablets. Being small the tablets can be carried by motorbike to a nearby village and then taken the rest of the way on foot.

Luckily, the team are experienced drivers and motorbikes are smaller than trucks so they could make it across the gap in the road to continue to Kork Maus village after which they continued the journey on foot.

Working with our Project Manager Sokhorn the village chief arranged for people to congregate at meeting places.

Sokhorn explains how to use the purification tablets.

Volunteer Yanath went house to house to distribute to anyone not able to get to the meeting places. Here she explains to a mother how and why to use the tablets.

Volunteer Vutha distributes the packets of tablets at one of the meeting places, each packet has enough to clean 160 liters of water.

The hard working team take a break for lunch, it was to be along day.

The distribution today covered approximately two thirds of the village’s 332 families. Another team will go out tomorrow to ensure all families receive the water purification tablets. The tablets are an important temporary measure, however our aim is to get water filters into the village as soon as we can. We will be assessing how to best do this over the coming week.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Emergency Appeal to allow us to make a difference in communities affected by flooding…

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