In this blog post, we sat down with Keisha to ask her some questions about her time working with us. We hope you will join us in saying a big THANK YOU for her dedication to JWOC and best of luck for her next journey.

When did you start working for JWOC and why?

I started working at JWOC in December 2018 as the Fundraising and Communications Manager, and applied for the role as the organisation had a clear vision to support young people in Cambodia to follow their educational aspirations. Growing up, I always had great value for the power of education and its impact on your life chances (especially as a young woman), and I was excited to support an organisation that focused on instilling the same values. When I joined JWOC, it was at a key point of transition, with the completion of some of our previous programs, and I had the opportunity to get involved in building our logical framework and theory of change, as well as communicating this new strategy with our supporters. I was excited about the challenge, and it has taught me so much along the way.

What have you learned in your role as Development DIrector at JWOC?

The quick answer to this is – so much! I had done fundraising at a much smaller scale before coming to JWOC, and after two years of learning, I was excited to focus more on strategy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kneath for supporting me in this area and giving me the opportunity to explore new things, even if he knew it wasn’t always going to work, as this is what really set me up for success in my new role. I was also proud to have the opportunity to share that learning with others, including Borey, Choovy and Somnang, who supported JWOC in various Communications roles. I would also like to thank Konthea for her support as Managing Director in co-leading JWOC throughout the last year. This year I definitely developed my leadership skills, learning that there is more than one way to lead – the most important thing is to adapt to the needs of your team, the organisation, and partners. I think it is also really important for everyone to understand that they are an ambassador for the organization and that they represent us so – to help them feel involved and engaged in fundraising in the future of the organisation’s development.

What is your favourite memory at JWOC?

Some of my favourite memories include speaking with our donors and supporters . The richness of those connections both before and during the COVI19 pandemic was what made my role so fulfilling. Even though we have different perspectives, the passion for JWOC as an organization and the youth we were working with was always a point of celebration.

My other favourite memory is from when I first arrived at JWOC, and meeting one of our students named Sokunthy, and the time she took me to 60 Road to shop for clothes, eat corn and ice cream with some of the JWOC staff. That sense of community was strong from the beginning across both my interactions with students and staff, and this is something I will never forget. 

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Last but not least, I would love to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me during my time at JWOC, whether that was someone within JWOC or outside of the organization. I am really excited for the future of JWOC, and for future Development Managers and Directors within the organisation. I look forward to continuing to support JWOC and keeping in touch with the many connections I have made here in Siem Reap and beyond.

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