UPDATE: We have now received funding for all the items on the list! Thank you to everyone that donated and helped make Back to School a success.

Back to School! This familiar phrase is all around us now, signifying the end of the summer vacation and the start of another school year! 

For many parents and grandparents it’s a time of buying all that is needed for the new school year- books, uniforms, pens and more. This September we’re asking that alongside your regular purchases you also buy something for a child in Southeast Asia. 

JWOC has a Back to School Wish List of things we need to help us give children the opportunity to learn and create. Take a look at the list here and see what you could donate. 

2012 Back to School Wish List

Uniform set for a school child – $10
Uniforms are compulsory in the state schools in Laos, but the cost is prohibitive for many of those living in rural areas. By providing a uniform you are providing an opportunity to go to school. The set consists of two shirts or blouses and two skirts or trousers plus a pair of shoes.  

JWOC Teacher sets – $14
JWOC’s Free Classes Project relies on its enthusiastic and committed teachers to be able to deliver free but high quality English and Computer classes. This teacher set provides our teachers in Cambodia and Laos with the basics they need to run their classes. Each set consists of 3 refillable board markers and ink, 1 board eraser, 1 folder to keep all the paperwork neat and a copy of the Teachers’ Book for the course they teach. 

Muang Nga Teacher packs- $20 
Limited government funding on education means public schools don’t always get the budget they need. These teachers’ packs make sure that the teachers at Muang Nga Primary School in Laos get at least the essentials so they can get started with their classes. Each pack consists of pens, markers, chalk, attendance books, report paper and other needed school stationary. 

Class set of mini-whiteboards- $25
These mini-whiteboards help make language learning fun by providing scope for numerous interactive games and practical activities. These will be used in our Free Classes in Laos, enhancing the lessons of students of all ages and levels. Each set consists of 20 boards, pens and erasers. 

Class set of mini-white board pens- $4 
Last year we were fortunate to have sets of mini-white boards funded for our classes in Cambodia. This year we would like boxes of replacement pens so teachers can keep using the boards for fun and participative activities. 

Visual aids kit- $25
Visual aids and props can really enhance a lesson, whether for children or adults. Tactical learners especially appreciate being able to handle the new vocabulary while role plays allow teachers to take situations out of the textbook and into real life. We would like to provide two kits for Muang Nga School to help our teachers teach and our students learn. 
Class set of English course materials – $40 
Being able to study English for free is an amazing opportunity for disadvantaged children living in Southeast Asia. JWOC’s Free Classes provide this chance to over 700 students. These sets of course materials provide our young students in Cambodia and Laos with their own copy of the textbook and workbook. 

Complete set of language learning flashcards- $55
Flashcards help make lessons more interesting, interactive and fun, benefiting both our teachers and students. These complete sets cover all key vocabulary at each level we teach in Laos. The cards are in colour and laminated making them eye-catching and durable. 

Reading and Drawing class materials – $100
Opportunities for reading and creative activities are very often lacking from the public school timetable due to the time constraints caused by having too few schools and teachers. JWOC’s Reading and Drawing Classes in Laos give children those opportunities. The set of materials consists of children’s books in the local language, colouring sheets, crayons, coloured paper, glue, scissors and more and will replenish the set bought last year. Mark your donation- Drawing 

Toys for the library toy box- $100
Our library is getting more popular by the day and it’s time for some new toys. We would like to double our number of building blocks, add to our range of puzzles and introduce a few new soft toy characters. For children coming from some of the poorest households in town our library and its toy box are a wonderful opportunity to play and be creative. 

Pre- School Mats – $60 
The pre-school classroom at Muang Nga School in Laos is in need of a set of replacement floor mats. These mats make a comfortable and clean playing and learning area perfect for small ones attending the growing pre-school class. 

CD Player – $35
Our school in Cambodia has been using the same CD players since it opened and a couple of them are now giving up on us! We need to replace them as being able to provide listening practice via the course CD is vital for our older students and for our younger students sing-along songs are a great way to learn. 

Computer for lesson preparation -$450
Our scholarship student teachers running our Free Classes in Laos currently don’t have regular access to a computer, relying on the small number offered by the university or having to try to work in internet cafes.  We would like to provide them with a dedicated laptop to allow them to prepare lessons and research teaching methodologies and resources online as well complete their university assignments. 

5 hula-hoops – $25
Despite many children having not had the opportunity to use one before hula-hooping has become a huge hit at JWOC’s school in Cambodia! At any time of day you’ll find several children practicing their skills or inventing new moves. The hoops are also incorporated into learning activities and games in the library and kindergarten.
10 class sets of certificates- $15
In our Free Classes in Cambodia and Laos we award certificates to all students that successfully complete their English or Computing course. Receiving a certificate is a proud moment for all our students and for the adults it provides them with proof of a qualification they can use to help to apply for jobs. Recognizing their hard work and achievement spurs our students on to study well again in the future. 

Thank you!

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