Scholarship student Sam Oth is in his final year at university, in this blog post he talks about his life and his hopes for the future. In reading you’ll find out more about the impact a JWOC scholarship can have and the changes it brings.

My Background

My name is Neth Sam Oth and I am 28 years old. I was born in Sarmor villag in Svay Rieng Province. I have four brothers in my family and I am the first son. In 2001 I left my hometown to go to study in Battambang and I lived there for 5 years. After that I left Battambang to go to Siem Reap to continue my study from 2006 to present.

My Study

In 2003 I completed Buddhist Primary School in Battambang and in 2006 I finished Buddhist Secondary School. In 2009 I completed Buddhist High School in Siem Reap. At that time I was very happy because I received scholarship from JWOC to study at university. I am now studying at Build Bright University in Faculty of Business Administration and in the field of Project Management, I’m in Year 4 Semester I. I always have done well at school because I studied hard and have strong commitment with study. I also got experience from JWOC‘s workshop, volunteering with Clean Water Project at JWOC and my full time job.

My Impression of JWOC’s Clean Water Project

Sam Oth conducting filter training

After I passed scholarship at JWOC I became a volunteer Clean Water Project Officer until present. The project is a very interesting project because it helps me and communities people a lot. When I started to work as a volunteer Clean Water Project Officer at JWOC and I got many benefits. Firstly, I knew the process of clean water project from the beginning to ending. Secondly, I got clean water project training and improved my work performance. Thirdly, I received experience of a job and upgraded myself to be better. Furthermore, I have self-confidence because during my work as a volunteer I can be a assistant , presenter or photographer and so on. In addition to this, community people have clean water to drink and they have enough water to use in their family.

My Full Time Job

I am now a non resident children educator at Sangkheum Center for Children in Chey village Sangkhat Teuk Ville , Siem Reap Town .(

My Future Plan

After my graduation I would like to work in an international organization, especially in a role related to project management. Furthermore, I want to learn more how to write a funding proposal to help raise money to help my community. I really want to communicate with someone who has the same or similar idea in order to cooperate together to make my community have more development.

To find out more about the Scholarship Programme and how you can get involved in changing a life take a look here. To find out more about the Clean Water Project and watch our video click here.

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