PEPY Empowering Youth is one of JWOC’s partners – a local non-profit and NGO providing personal and professional development training to rural youth in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This organization team led by local Cambodians is dedicated to helping youth identify their dreams and find pathways to success. Starting at the high school level, their interwoven programs provide holistic support for young students to have the tools, network, and resources to succeed in school and thrive in the professional setting of their choice.

At PEPY Empowering Youth there is one program called Youth Innovators’ Space and Incubator (YISI) that provides young people with opportunities to become social enterprise leaders and changemakers in Siem Reap.

4 of our current scholarship students and 1 alumna were lucky enough to be selected by PEPY to be part of YISI youth innovators 2021 out of 25 total students for this project.They are happy to share their experience and interests by learning this project in length of 6 months to 8 months, so let’s read in detail what makes them decide to apply for this project and what are their dreams and expectations.

Sopheap, Kimchhet and Lamhouy participating in workshops

Koeuy Kimchhet (Year 2 University Student): I am currently studying English teaching at University of South-East Asia and working at a Safe Haven organization in a position of Child care. I was interested to apply to learn something new that could improve myself to be a better candidate for a future career especially related to business. I participant in learning different contents of lesson provide by YISI team such as Business planning and marketing planning, Building and investor community network, financial knowledge, Law on Business registration, Law on Business registration, Business plan and writing and e-commerce. I decided to apply to this project because I could see a lot of opportunities to learn in business which will be a good advantage for me to use this knowledge in the future if I start business by my own or with my family. These concepts will help me to plan to do Mushroom farm, crops, animal husbandry in the future. 

Hoeur Lamhuoy (Year 2 University Student): I am a scholarship student at JWOC and I study in faculty Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language as a freshman student at PUC University in Siem Reap. What I find out interesting things to learn about this project are, defining and Outlining business Concept, business model canvas, proposal research and Writing.Time management is important to build confidence to speak in public speaking and financial literacy. Most interesting part for me is learning to build websites and social media with E-commerce in digital marketing, business rights and policies, to register business with legal compliance. I want to open a private English School and book store in the future if i have the budget and enough capital. 

Keo Sokpheap (Year 3 University Student): I am currently in year 3 semester 1 at South East Asia University in Siem Reap in the faculty of Hospitality and Tourism. I work as a loan officer at Family Financial Service in Siem Reap. I plan to open my own business and my friend at PEPY Youth Empowerment told me about this project. We all have the same dream that is why we decided to join this project. What makes me satisfied about this project is critical thinking, it is important to start a business. We need to find out problems that might happen plus conclusions to be solved. Running my own business can help me to be independent.

Ouern Malin (2017 Graduate): I am a JWOC alumni who graduated in 2017 in the Faculty of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and currently I am a part time English Teacher at Spitler School in Siem Reap. I am interested in YISI projects because it is one of my dreams to be an Entrepreneur and I will manage my time to run my own business as well. I have planned to open a book shop and I will bring the idea concept from this training and apply those skills to my business as an entrepreneur.

Veouth Vath (Year 3 University Student): I am a JWOC scholarship student in year 3 semester one in faculty of Management at South East Asia University. I am an administrator at a school which teaches expats to know the Khmer language called Speak Like Khmer. I decided to join the YISI project because I think it is time I should try to develop myself and find what I want. I hope to have my own business where I can learn business-related lessons such as public speaking, time management, SDGs, technology for business.I plan to be a human resources manager and have my own business. To achieve this, I must develop my abilities through education to improve communication skills and try to learn how to be a good leader. After being successful at work, there will be more opportunities.

We are so proud of our current students and alumni for their great ambition for their future to be entrepreneurs. We look forward to seeing their achievements from this project and hope this will be a bridge for them to look ahead at business concepts with critical thinking and business plan. We are appreciative of PEPY Empowering Youth for conducting a great project to help Cambodian youth to change their life by education.

This blog post was written by Somnang Phalla (Donor Relations Officer). Thank you to PEPY Empowering Youth for supplying the photographs.

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