The first part of JWOC’s relief response to the flooding in Siem Reap has been about reducing the disease risk for children in the urban communities where we work.

JWOC is fortunately staying dry amongst the floods. Keeping children out of the flood waters, where the risk of disease and injury is high will reduce their risk of contracting water borne disease.

To maximize the impact of the dry haven JWOC will also provide-

– showers, soap and towels- most have no place to wash or dry

– lunch- so children do not need to return through the flood to get lunch, and to make sure they are receiving at least one good meal a day

-clean, safe water for drinking

– basic medical treatment of bites, wounds and sores. Anything more serious will be referred to the Children’s Hospital

– a bottle of povidone-iodine, a liquid antiseptic, to take home

We are now on day two and things are going well. Below are pictures showing each of one of our activities.

Providing a dry, safe haven where children can play and study

In addition to the regular classes and activities in the library, JWOC has organised extra activities to keep the children entertained and out of the dirty flood water.

Volunteer Pat runs a basic yoga class with the children.

This morning a skipping competition proved lots of fun, with the boys out-skipping the girls!

One of the champion girl skippers!

This little boy, seen here playing football, was one we found yesterday swimming in the flood. We’re so pleased Vantha persuaded him playing on dry land is better choice.

Providing a place to get clean and dry

We’re providing soap, nailbrushes and showers to all children that come, plus towels to get dry with. All the children come from homes without bathrooms so this is a welcome opportunity to get clean.

To take advantage of the sun we set up temporary washing lines for the children to get their clothes dry. The children wore clothes made by the sewing class while they waited.

Providing lunch

Getting ready for lunch. Every child receives rice,stir-fried vegetable with meat and a bowl of soup.

The lunches have the double benefit of keeping children out the water and also making sure they are getting at least one good meal a day. The children need no persuading in eating up their food, every last bit is consumed.

Providing clean, safe water for drinking

The children have three designated ‘water times’ plus drinking water is available all day. Another NGO has provided one village with water filters but other villages are still in need of access of clean water. We will provide purification tablets this week.

Provide basic medical treatment of wounds

Every child is checked and a liquid antiseptic is applied to any cuts, sores or other wounds. With the bacteria count in the flood water so high keeping wounds as clean as possible is very important.

Staff and volunteers work together to make sure everyone is checked and treated

Provide liquid antiseptic to take home

Each family received one bottle to take home. Before they are distributed Vantha trained the older children how to use it.

A big sister lets us know she has received her bottle of povidone-iodine.

Today the weather is dry and sunny; standing in JWOC it’s difficult to imagine we are in an flooding situation. However just a few hundred meters away paths and wells are underwater.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped us make a difference.

Janet and Allen Johnson * Jane Price * Leonard Novick * Susan Kieswetter * Sheena Cowell * Ronie Reiley * Yukari Kane * Kathy Hornsby * Cara McGourty * Christpoher Colson * Deborah Forsythe * Carolyn Rose * Nancy Miller * Annie Andrighetto * Chad and Heidi Carson * Erin Ricigliano * Collette Foundation * Gillian Scott * Rhonda Conry * Chelsea Drennan McCabe * Alex Nebesar * Regina Rubeo * Journeys Within Boutique Hotel * Chelsea Drennan McCabe * Chris Hurst

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