We are now on day 3 of our emergency response and about to start a new activity- distribution of materials in the two squatters’ villages furthest from JWOC.

South Veal village.

A survey yesterday morning of the children attending the dry haven let us know that no one from either Veal or Tropean Ses villages was there. This means that so far JWOC has not been able to reduce the disease risk for the children living in those villages.

Vantha is leading on the response for Veal and Tropean Ses villages.

Vantha, our Office Manager and standing in now as Emergency Relief Team Leader, went to the villages to investigate further. This investigation confirmed that 156 households had yet to receive any help from JWOC or any other organisation. Also the dry haven provided by JWOC is just too far away for the children to attend.

In order to hep reduce the disease risk for children we will provide each of the families with enough purification tablets to make up to 400 liters of water safe to drink plus a bottle of liquid antiseptic to minimize the risk of cuts and sores becoming infected.

Each pack of purification tablets comes with clear instructions in Khmer along with pictures for those who are illiterate, the team will also explain to each household how to use them and answer any questions.

Both villages are still in a state of flooding, but as before the raised beds are remaining dry.

Despite two days with less rain, both villages are still very wet.

Veal village.

Thank you to everyone that has already donated to our Emergency Appeal, your kindness means we can get help to those that need it.

If you would like to donate, please go to this page of our website.

Thanks goes to-

Janet and Allen Johnson * Jane Price * Leonard Novick * Susan Kieswetter * Sheena Cowell * Ronie Reiley * Yukari Kane * Kathy Hornsby * Cara McGourty * Christpoher Colson * Deborah Forsythe * Carolyn Rose * Nancy Miller * Annie Andrighetto * Chad and Heidi Carson * Erin Ricigliano * Collette Foundation * Gillian Scott * Rhonda Conry * Chelsea Drennan McCabe * Alex Nebesar * Regina Rubeo * SHARE Institute * Chelsea Drennan McCabe * Chris Hurst * Pat Requa * Daren Hamaker * Pamela Mueller * Robert Lynn * M C Day * Patricia Maloy * Journeys Within Boutique Hotel

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