Thank you to everyone who has already donated! With your help we started the relief work today, starting with providing a dry, safe haven for children to study and play,reducing their risk of illness or injury.

The day started early with the first children arriving at 7am. While Somath, our Librarian, provided fun and engaging activities in and outside the library Vantha, our Office Manager, and I (Nicola,Managing Director) headed into the squatters’ villages to advertise and importantly to check if there had been a change in the conditions. Our main concern was to check whether people had a dry place to sleep. Fortunately although levels had risen a little, the raised beds provided a refuge from the wet.

Having this dry place to play is important in keeping the children healthy.

Vantha distributing information about the children’s dry haven. Interest was high and we expect numbers coming to the school to increase tomorrow.

We found so many children playing in the water- water always seems fun.Unfortunately this water is not the place to be playing as it currently doubling as a latrine.

These children have found a mostly dry place to perch, but they were excited to hear they could come to JWOC all day and on Wednesday.

This was one of the worst houses we found, but luckily even here the bed was remaining dry.

We headed back to JWOC slowly, trying to not fall over on the slippery mud or fall down any holes obscured by the water. By the time we were back at the library the numbers of children had increased and it was getting close to lunchtime. The children had all showered and scrubbed with antibacterial soap and cuts, bites and other sores had all been treated.

I will update tomorrow on the activities that have been taking place in the dry haven of JWOC.

Thank you again to everyone that has donated- Janet and Allen Johnson * Jane Price * Leonard Novick * Susan Kieswetter * Sheena Cowell * Ronie Reiley * Yukari Kane * Kathy Hornsby * Cara McGourty * Christpoher Colson * Deborah Forsythe * Carolyn Rose * Nancy Miller * Annie Andrighetto * Chad and Heidi Carson * Erin Ricigliano * Journeys Within Boutique Hotel

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