Phum Impact is an initiative by Impact Hub Phnom Penh and acts to boost young innovative entrepreneurs in Cambodia’s provinces. Recently, our scholarship student, Sreykeo, and one of our alumni, Sopheap, were chosen to be a part of Phum Impact Siem Reap’s Changemaker program. They would love to share their experience so far for those 3 days projects that they had learnt from Phum Impact Siem Reap.

Sreykeo is our scholarship students studying in year 1 at The University of South East Asia in the field of Management in Siem Reap, Cambodia. She knew about Phum Impact Siem Reap by JWOC’s team who shared this news to Facebook group chat. She was interested and applied for the project and she was lucky enough to be selected as one of 25 candidates. The first day of the training there was an important part that students or entrepreneurs themselves needed to know such as know yourself, gratitude, leadership, create entrepreneur projects and find out problems and solutions. 

Participating in the workshops
Brainstorming ideas

On the second day, 25 students divided into 5 groups to start up with 5 differences subjects, Agriculture, Environment, Health, Education and Economic. Sreykeo and Sopheap were interested in agriculture so they were in the same groups.  At first Sreykeo was shy, did not feel confident to herself and did not know what to start, but to work as a team she started the project confidently.

Sreykeo was impressed to hear from other teams who presented their projects. She was Fascinated about making her own entrepreneur in the future but was also hesitant due to her financial limitations and lack of experience. Sreykeo said: She sincerely thanks to Phum Impact for a great chance to let her in participate in this projects and she would encourage youth to join any new or update program from Phum Impact for strengthen their goal to start their own Entrepreneur in the future. This training provide us guideline how to start project. Of course we might face more problems in reality but this concept will brighten your way better than to start without a goal.

Sopheap is our alumni who graduated in  2017 at Build Bright University Siem Reap, Cambodia in faculty of English Literature. He has experienced in difference Countries related in exchange program un Norway and Nepal. He is now self-employed to work in treating vegetable from his village agriculture and keen to learn about entrepreneur projects and to share this with his village.

Sopheap would like to encourage to the youth to join the program of Phum Impact. He said: It is a good opportunities for youth to give a voice and join any projects that could provide them  knowledge to be an entrepreneur in the future. You are better to meet new  people and learn from them, making new connections – who know that one of them might be our best customers for our business. I had shared my project of my village agriculture to the Phum Impact and one of the founders of the organic farm market in Phnom Penh was interested and would like to contact me to provide organic vegetables to them. If I did not join this project I would not have a chance to share and get connected with my new customer that could help me to expand my business effectively in the future. 

We are appreciated for Sreykeo and Sopheap to be chosen by Phum Impact as it provided an important opportunity  to students to guide them to do the projects as an entrepreneur and youth leader in the future. We were impressed by what they had learnt and set the goal for their future, even though some of them faced losing their job due to covid-19,never giving up to catch up an opportunity to learn and improve their skills. 

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