Hello my name is Choovy, and I am 21 years old. I have finished grade 12 in 2017. I am happy that I have complete a part of my goal. It is not easy to get the goal that we expected, it happened by trying so hard and learning from my struggles.

Of course, nothing has come without effort and strong commitment. I have overcome all obstacles, never giving up.

Obviously, while I was in secondary school grade 7 the biggest problem I encountered was that my home was far away from school and the streets were very quiet. I always go to school with a friend, but she never goes to school consistently. So sometimes I went to school alone, with fear, because there are no passersby. Then my father bought me a Moto, I was happy because it got easier to get to school.

My dad always says that he doesn’t ask much from me, just to study hard and get a high education. He working hard to get money to support my school education. All of this make me work hard to study. I leave home at 5:30 am and back home at 7:00 pm. The Khmer school finish at 5 pm but I have English class, so I leave the English class at 7:00 pm.

I overcome these challenges and will not be absent in class. Even though I did not get very good at class. But I was trying hard like the old saying,” Tugging in the pipe”. I have committed to this day.

I did not stop my dream, and what I wanted to do was pursue a university study in the field of ecology. I want to be a good person with good social benefits to develop a healthy society.

My parents were not able to go to university, because it costs a lot. Then I applied for a scholarship to a community organization (JWOC).

It’s hard to get this scholarship, because many other students have applied. We must go through thorough interviews from the interviewer and visit the family situation. Unexpectedly, I also received a student scholarship.

I was really excited to be chosen with 16 other students. It cuts my expenses and my parents are happy too. Acquiring this scholarship is a step forward of my hope of hope and of my family. I hope to make my sponsor and my parents proud.

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