Vantha has managed our Scholarship Program at JWOC for over four years. Here he talks about the importance of education  in Cambodia and the opportunities that a scholarship can provide…

3 JWOC Graduates at our Annual JWOC Graduation Party.


Why is education important? One of many answers is that education can be the key to a better life; it can help open the doors of opportunity and give people a chance to find 
what they need.  Education helps people achieve their goals. However, all people have different lives, and some have fewer chances than others. So if they want to continue their education they have to find jobs or scholarships to support them. All students think they will have a much easier time finding a job if they are better educated. They really do not want to live in the same family situation forever. I really think that the students thoughts are right. That is why JWOC scholarship program has played a significant role in providing education for students. We can say the gift of knowledge cannot be stolen and it can enable student to reach their dreams.

Vantha and students during a team building activity.

I have been working on JWOC’s Scholarship Program for years and I can see from one year to the next many students have changed their path to a more positive one.  I am so excited when I see how students are able to change their lives for the better with help from our scholarships.  

Sokphak, JWOC Computer Teacher and Scholarship Student.

One of our current scholarship students who is going to graduate from us soon, is our full-time computer teacher and computer lab supervisor, Sophak. His life has improved in many ways, especially in his knowledge and work experience.  Before he got a scholarship from JWOC he had to live with his older cousin and received a little amount of money from his family to support of his daily expenses. After he got scholarship, he could afford to rent a room himself and was able to  support his younger brother. Sokphak volunteers in the free classes program, studies at university and works full time.   JWOC promoted him to be a full-time staff as computer teacher after all his hard work and dedication.  He does very good job at JWOC. The impact of his hard work is that he gets good grades from his academic studies and also he is able to successfully teach students in JWOCs’ free class program to learn the basic computer course (Ms Office word, Excel and PowerPoint and Internet and Emai). His dream career is to be  an  IT teacher at university. He also wishes to run a small IT shop in his hometown. With all his hard work, one day his dream will come true.

Sokphak, teaching a computer class at JWOC

This year we are going to provide 17 scholarships to students, especially for those who cannot afford to go to university or continue their studies due to change in circumstances.

On behalf of all JWOCs’ students I really want to say many thanks to our supporters for continuing to support the program, and give many chances to our generation and the next. With your support we can give students the best opportunity and help Cambodia become a strong and educated society.

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