Meet the JWOC superwoman team!
Having a dedicated group of women working towards providing quality education to Cambodian students has contributed to enormous amounts of upward social change!

Our team ranges from caretakers to educators and students, a well rounded group that each bring something new to the table.

Learn more about the dream team at JWOC (left to right)

Sarann is our grounds caretaker who ensures that all the students are well taken care of before and after their classes, until their parents pick them up. Sarann ensures that the children can safely play around until it’s time to go home.

Lita was a former JWOC Scholarship Student and during that time provided invaluable support to all of JWOC’s programs. As a Team Leader she helped organize events and was never shy to lend a helping hand. Lita is now the Admin Officer at JWOC and wears many hats from planning events, to mentoring students, to sharing delicious snacks, Lita makes each workday better!

Sochea is a current Scholarship Student and a full time English teacher. When she is not planning or teaching classes, Sochea can be found running off to class or taking extra classes in English. A highly motivated student and colleague, Sochea is an inspiration to all!

Sreydey is the Kindergarten teacher who can be found singing along with young students or helping create crafts. Sreydey makes each class better than the last and makes the students fall in love with learning! A finance student, Sreydey is a great example of drive and leadership!

Coming to her fourth year at JWOC Nesa is the Librarian and the Child Development Coordinator and all-round superstar! As well as being the Science teacher, Nesa also works with all staff and volunteers on Child Protection and ensures that all JWOC students can learn in a fun and safe environment!

Chantal is a Board Member and long time supporter of JWOC. She has been tirelessly volunteering her time at JWOC for the past 2 months on improving teaching methods and science classes. We’re very happy to have you with us Chantal!

Konthea made her-story as the first ever Khmer Education Manager and has increased the local communities involvement in our programs! Her initiatives in the Free Classes program are admirable and JWOC looks forward to all her improvements in the year!

Chantrey is a Scholarship Student and a JWOC Office Assistant, she brings a positive attitude to the team each day! Thanks to Chantrey’s efforts all of JWOC’s daily operations can run smoothly!

As the Fundraising and Communications Manager, Aklile ensures that all the programs have the support they need to run seamlessly. Communicating to the public the opportunities that JWOC provides for the community.

Well done ladies on Empowering our Community and making it better for the next generation of women! #LearningTodayLeadingTomorrow



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