Hello! My name is Vantha. I am the office and scholarship program manager. In this blog I want to tell you about the workshops that we offer our scholarship students and why we do it.

Vantha, Office and Scholarship program manager conducts presentation  
about how to be a good presenter to  scholarship students.

JWOC’s scholarship program not only gives students a chance to continue their learning and development but we supplement their education with important skills for university, their future careers and the time they spend volunteering at JWOC.

 All of our scholarship students attend important workshops and training to improve their critical thinking, personal skills, confidence and problem solving ability. The knowledge students learn from university is definitely not enough on its own. They need to go that extra mile to equip themselves so they can survive in the outside world with so many people competing for similar jobs.
Nicola,  the previous JWOC managing director conducts training to scholarship students about good communication skills

 Through each generation of management staff we constantly have new workshops to build upon, offering our students more enriching and fulfilling workshops year upon year . Sometimes we hire professionals or experts from outside to train our students if we feel that it is necessary. In addition we have our international volunteers who come and share their skills and experiences with our scholarship students and we are thankful to them for giving us their valuable time.
Kunthea, Liaison and Assistant program manager trains new scholarship students about how to be a volunteer at JWOC.
One thing which makes me proud is when the presentation or workshop is presented by one of our graduated scholarship students who have been successful and can share their current experiences about their career or business . It is a great model of sharing and a wonderful opportunity  for current students to get the most out of their time at JWOC. We continue to search for ways we can improve our current workshops and strive to give our students the best possible start when it is time for them to embark on a career.

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